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Job Type: Asbestos Removal
” We are very happy with the wonderful work you have done. Very professional and efficient. Prompt and reliable service, a company we’ve been with for years and recommended many friends for this service. I am always been very happy with the services that Angry Ant Asbestos have done such an amazing work for us.”
Tom from Strathpine, QLD 4500 : 8 January 2019

Job Type: Asbestos Removal
Job Description: Fence Super six profile, bottom of the fence buried in the ground with sand, approx 30 metre long x 1.8 high
Went the extra mile to complete the job satisfactorily.”

Brian from Ipswich, QLD : 15  June 2018

Job Type: Asbestos Removal
Job Description: demolition/asbestos removal of a old garage.
Hard working and did a good job.”

Damon from Hamilton, QLD : 30 April 2018

Job Type: Asbestos Removal

Job Description: Outside wall cladding
Quick and easy to do business with.”

Peter from Scarborough, QLD : 30 June 2018


Angry Ant Asbestos
Tyron Strong,
Strathpine, QLD, 4500